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teflon bellow seals


Seal Face : Ceramic, GFT, CFT
Secondary Seals : PTFE / GFT
Metal Parts : SS 316 / Hastelloy

Teflon Bellow seals

Teflon PTFE Bellow Seals are designed to handle highly corrosive liquids.

PTFE Bellow seals are outside mounted with simple installation procedure and hence cost effective for corrosive media sealing.

Teflon Bellow Mechanical seals has been designated as Fixed & replaceable bellow face respectively.For replaceable version there is flexibility for selection of face material as per the media to be sealed, which can be easily removed & replaced.


Used in acids, alkalis & extremely corrosive chemical ,Strong Oxidising and all corrosive services .

Operating Limits

Pressure : 5 bars (Max)
Temperature : (-)20°c to (+)90°c
Speed : 2900 rpm (Max)
Sizes : 16 mm to 100 mm