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multi spring balanced seals


Seal Face : Carbon, Silicon, Ceramic, TC
Secondary Seals : Elastomer/PTFE/GFT
Metal Parts : SS 316,Hastellcy 904L,Alloy

Balanced Spring Seals

Multi Spring Balanced Seals are pusher type balance multiple spring mechanical seals generally used when high pressure sealing is required.

Balanced Spring seals are compact in design suiting all types of rotating equipments - pumps and mixers. Drive lugs in the retainer will provide torque transmission and reduce slippage on shaft and sleeve

Multi Spring Balanced Mechanical Seals can be provided with single, double, or tandem arrangement with external seals support systems and devices.The bellow faces are interchangeable and replaceable.


Chemical industry,Acid pumps,Corrosive chemical pumps,High pressure pumps

Operating Limits

Pressure : 30 bars (Max)
Temperature : (-)20c to (+)220c
Speed : 2900 rpm (Max)
Sizes : 18 mm to 100 mm