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Metal Bellow Seal


Seal Face : Carbon, Ceramic, TC,Silicon Carbide
Secondary Seals : Viton/PTFE/Graphite

Welded Metal Bellow Seals:

Metal Bellow Seals are widely used in high temperature and highly corrosive media and suitable for high start-up torque since the bellows unit is independent of torque transmission.

The unique feature of Welded Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals is that, there is no dynamic 'O' rings and therefore it will never hangup or damage the shaft and sleeve.

A bellow core constructed by welding number of metal diaphragms together eliminates the need for springs, providing more flexibility to the seal face compensating for seal face wear.


Generally used for handling highly corrosive chemicals, high temperature applications and Hydrocarbons In Petrochemical industry, petroleum refinery , Paper & Pulp industry

Operating Limits

Pressure : up to 15 bars
Temperature : (-)50°c to (+)350°c
Speed : up to 25 m/s
Sizes : 19 mm to 100 mm