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Seal Care provides high-quality double diaphragm metering pumps which are perfectly suitable for accurate dosing of chemicals such as glycol on offshore locations. Our metering pumps are fully designed according to API 675 standards and meet the highest requirements in the most extreme operating conditions.

The modular structure of the metering pumps allows a taylor-made configuration for each application. This results in the most appropriate solution for your situation. The complete compliance with the ATEX standards allows these pumps to be installed in hazardous areas.

Our pumps are being used for the chemical injection in the following fields of application:

End Suction Centrifugal Pump End Suction Pump
Metering Pump 1 Metering Pump 2


Oil and Gas (both onshore offshore)
Chemical and petrochemical
Biodiesel production
Power stations (boiler and cooling towers)
Pulp and Paper (packaging and tissue)
Plastic production
Desalination plants
Food industry
Effluent waste water treatment plants (both municipal and industrial)
Drinking water plants
Industrial laundries